With prices starting at $49.99, it’s only natural to wonder if Cake Eyewear is legit. To answer your question, let’s see how Cake Eyewear stacks up to other mainstream brands, what our individual sunglasses have to offer, and what sort of benefits there are to shopping our new arrivals, collections, and best sellers.

How Cake Eyewear Compares to Designer Brands

Designer sunglass brands like Quay Australia are deserving of their great reputations. Quay has such a wide variety of sunglasses in its inventory, including shades of all different shapes, styles, and colours. It’s easy to shop with Quay and find a pair of sunglasses that suits your preferences. 

The only downside is, their sunglasses can be a bit too expensive for most shoppers. The same is true for Blenders Eyewear, Prive Revaux Sunglasses, and other sunglass brands. The good news is, you don’t have to pay designer prices for designer shades that make you look glamorous. Cake Eyewear offers a great selection of gorgeous designer sunglasses at prices that are fair and accessible, all without sacrificing their quality. 

Our Porto Wayfarer Sunglasses Have It All

Cake Eyewear’s inventory is full of standout sunglasses, including our fabulous Porto Wayfarer Sunglasses. These shades are distinct for their trapezoid, cat-eye-like style and classy black frames, though they come in a lovely shiny tort if that’s your preference. 

They offer all the best features of designer sunglasses, such as 100% UVA and UVB protection. This level of protection reduces your risk of developing eyestrain, cataracts, and even skin cancer while wearing them. What’s not to love? 

Choose Cake Eyewear for Affordable Designer Sunglasses

There’s a reason why model Stephanie Hebert features our Porto sunglasses in so many of her Instagram pics. These photo-worthy shades have all the quality and glamour of designer sunglasses without the price. Don’t believe us? Check out some Cake Eyewear reviews from satisfied shoppers on our website! 

Save even more on our contemporary sunglasses by taking advantage of our free shipping and Cake Eyewear coupons for brand return customers. You can also become a Cake Eyewear ambassador to enjoy 15% off on your first order. Don’t wait — order your Cake sunglasses and start showing them off!

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